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1117 Lada Kalina is the passenger car category B five doors estate. The new model of family cars Lada Kalina is adapted to the traffic in the urban environment. Lada Kalina also called LADA KALINA UNIVERSAL meets all current safety requirements . More ...
LADA KALINA SEDAN 1118 Lada Kalina is five doors "sedan", a new model of family cars Kalina issued Avtovaz. Modern elegant appearance, comfortable cabin, good government , necessary for a city car, which has a completely new Lada Kalina . Avtovaz begin producing sedans Lada Kalina family in November 2004. The car meets all modern requirements for security . More .
LADA KALINA HATCHBACK LADA KALINA 1119 also called LADA KALINA Hatcback is the representative of a new family of vehicles, produced in the JSC AVTOVAZ. The car is fully consistent with contemporary international standards on the body deformation . More . . .
LADA NIVA 4X4 LADA NIVA 4X4 -off-road car produced by Avtovaz car industry since 1977. The car LADA NIVA was set up to drive on the road, traveling to remote places, hunting trips and fishing.LADA Niva - 4x4 had at the time, a very progressive design, combined with excellent off road caracteristics , and virtually unmatched at a time unique in providing a successful auto export to many countries. The off to the "enemies", it was only the English RANGE Rover! More . .
THE LONG LADA NIVA The car LADA NIVA 2131, or as it is popularly called the "longest LADA Niva " is 5-door off-road vehicle. Long time under the name "LADA Niva" get on three different machines, not counting helicopters and pickups. First, the actual "LADA Niva", "short" VAZ-21213, followed by a longLADA NIVA 2131 or VAZ-2131 with the once working, but never chewing as "Cedar." And finally, "average" LADA NIVA 21218 or VAZ-21218. Any of these people is simply "LADA Niva". . More . .
LADA PRIORA LADA PRIORA - one of the most comfortable Russian cars. One of the main reasons of popularity of this car - an original interior and wide scale of the additional equipment which provide a modern level of comfort and safety. The design of interior is executed in modern style, the level of ergonomics also corresponds to the world standards. In 2007 AUTOVAZ - LADA plans to make about 5 thousand cars LADA PRIORA . More . . .
LADA TEN Compared to the previous model LADA 110 - also called LADA VEGA distinguishes modern interior design, good aerodynamics, a big luggage compartment (480 litres) with the power of transformation, high serviceability. The car LADA -2110 have been built and technical original design the use of galvanized metal for the body parts most exposed to corrosion, its windscreen, rear and rear side window glued to the body, the hood attachment to the gas stop, steering wheel, on-board control system, alarm system, the petrol vapour, ventilated brake discs and some other innovations.More
LADA 111 OR LADA 2111 LADA 111 is a wonderful vehicle for families, which gives a true sense of holiday driving. The powerful and expressive shape of LADA 111-smooth curves and sharp touches, combines strength and elegance, style and practicality. The spacious luggage racks, rails for mounting luggage on the roof, a reliable body for extended operation of all types of roads, as well as attractive and comfortable cabin, this is the concept 5-doors “touring”. More
LADA 112 HATCHBACK Free and emotional LADA 112 version sports-style shows modern technology. Polished line, the classic form, attention to detail and the best options running gear emphasize dynamic machine. The 5-door''advanced''remains faithful representative of the family LADA 110-convenient, practical and reliable car, pulling elusive combination of spaciousness and the luggage compartment with partial or complete layout of the rear seats and compact exterior dimensions . More...
CHEVROLET NIVA Chevrolet Niva provides comfort in the summer in the city and beyond. The basic model of a new family of off-road vehicles - organically combines aerodynamics with a high comfort level. Much of the credit goes to new pyatidvernogo body elegance reflects the latest trends in automobile design. More...
CHEVROLET VIVA The CHEVROLET Viva is based on the sedan version of the Opel compact car and will be for sale under the Chevrolet brand name in the Russian Federation. The Chevrolet Viva is equipped with the proven 1.8-liter 125-horse power Opel engine and will be available in two trim levels . More . . .

Look 2003 - Annual report of AVTOVAZ (pdf)

For the first time in Latvia at the 9th International exhibition "Baltik Riga International Motorshow", which was held in late April in Riga, was introduced sportprototip LADA REVOLUTION. The booth LADA organized by AVTOVAZ together with its dealer in Riga OAO LatLada "among represented serial car LADA REVOLUTION distinguished sporting original design, bright color alym and attracted a great deal of attention of visitors and journalists.

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Lada Articles:

The company AvtoVAZ started serial production of cars with body Lada Priora Hatchback. Just this month AVTOVAZ plans to assemble 125 such vehicles, and by the third quarter of 2008 to bring the output up to nine thousand vehicles per month.

Universal LADA KALINA received on sale

In late December 2007, AvtoVAZ begin shipment of product family LADA KALINA universals. Before the New Year in the service and distribution network received 50 such vehicles. Full Article...


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Latest news about Lada:

December 2007 :

2007 in the city of Togliatti, Russia, Sergei Chemezov, head of the Public Corporation "Ros - Tehnology, chairman of the board of directors of OAO" AUTOVAZ "Sergey Skvortsov-President Troika Capital Partners, and Carlos Ghosn, President of Renault signed a Protocol of Understanding (Memorandum of Understanding ). More ...

October 2007 :

26-29 September 2007 AVTOVAZ introduced to test journalists thirty-central and regional Russian media a new road changed KALINA LADA. The car is equipped with a 1.4-litre engine, anti-lock brake system components and complete''luxury''-front airbags driver and passenger safety belts The new power unit and ancillary equipment appeared to KALINA LADA cars in the second half of 2007.

september 2007 :

Lada Kalina rally

Lada 1119 S1600 created to participate in international and domestic competitions at the rally. In the arsenal of machine 1.6-litre engine, embedded security framework, thoroughly revised suspension, five-step sequential gearbox and disc brakes at all four wheels. Rally car prepared in accordance with the international Alvaro Class S1600

August 17 2007 :

AVTOVAZ stock financial and economic activities in first semester in 2007. During the reporting period, AVTOVAZ produced 349,466 vehicles, including 48,876 units shipped for export. In the seven months of this year produced 412,041 cars, including for export: 56,718 pieces. All LADA cars units operate in normal mode. In August, the plant will continue production capacity PRIORA LADA cars.

Along LADA KALINA in addition to the vehicles, equipped with 1.6-litre engine, started assembling cars with the new engine of 1.4 litres. Since July KALINA LADA cars manufactured in the three set standard,standards and luxury

AVTOVAZ continues up production of new models - the city LADA KALINA and advanced LADA PRIORA.










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