Lada Priora

The design of interior is executed in modern style, the level of ergonomics also corresponds to the world standards. In 2007 AUTOVAZ - LADA plans to make about 5 thousand cars LADA PRIORA .
Car LADA PRIORA (2170 draft), which replaced the "ten", was first presented at the 6th International Russian Motor Show "AVTOSALON 2003." This sedan class "C", a new family of base model passenger car developed on the platform LADA-110. The LADA PRIORA used about 350 original pieces and parts, which make this car as a new model, said in a press release. Modern headache and rear optics, fine wings and bumper, lining sink with a large company doing rook flagship brand image LADA solid and attractive.
But even more significant innovations lie within. LADA PRIORA received 1,6-litre 16-valve increased engine power. The transmission introduced enhanced adhesion designed to transfer torque of 145 Nm. The box set of closed transmission bearings with extended lifespan. The brake vacuum booster higher dimensions reduces the load on the brake pedal and increases the effectiveness of the braking system. New racks front and rear suspensions, combined with carefully crafted performance shock absorbers and stabilizer can achieve high rates of governance and sustainability. Maximum speed LADA PRIORA the driver and one passenger is 183 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, 11.5 seconds.
Lada PRIORA TechnicalSpecifications : Engine 1,6 l 8V
Dimensions mm
length 4350
width 1680
height 1420
Track front / rear wheels mm 1410/1380
Ground clearance mm 165
Mass in running condition kg 1088
Capacity kg 425
The luggage compartment, m 3 0,43
The payload, (including mass loaded with luggage on the roof), kg 425
Tank fuel litres. 43
Base engine 11183 Distributed fuel injection
16 valves

Nr. kW / M. 72/5600
Displacement engine cm 1596
Torque, Nm / M. 145/4000
Max speed km / h 183
Time to disperse track / h, s 11,5
Fuel consumption, litres/100 km  
at 90 km / h 5,5
at 120 km / h 7,
City cycle 9,1
The tires 175/70SR13 175/65HR14 185/60HR14
The standards for toxicity EURO2, EURO 3


LADA PRIORA LADA PRIORA - one of the most comfortable Russian cars. One of the main reasons of popularity of this car - an original interior and wide scale of the additional equipment which provide a modern level of comfort and safety.