Lada 112

Model LADA 112 or LADA 2112 finishing tenth family, published in 2000. Body-five doors offers (Combi), the car combines all the positive features and from LADA 110, and rear seat minivan LADA 111. The car is shorter and touring sedan almost 10 centimetres. That it clear response to the turn of the steering wheel. The "Twelfth" a more sporty character control, but the machine to cool comfort was an improvement over the nines the same type of body
Brief description : LADA 112 is a dynamic, comfortable car, with modern design, improved road capacity and higher levels of integration. In short, compared with other models of family, the overall length makes it possible to improve the steering characteristics. The emerging in the ratio 2:3 rear seat comfort is touring in the transport of small goods .Modifications : There are two modifications : (LADA 2112 with 16-valve engine with fuel injection and distributed LADA 2112) with 8-valve engine for distributed injection. Both are working engine of 1.6 litres
If you like sports style when driving helps you step back from daily concerns, the LADA 112, as embodied in increased versatility and expressive aesthetic design, radiating pure dynamism of modernity, it is your car
Lada 2112 TechnicalSpecifications : Engine 1,6 8V Engine 1,6 l 16V
Dimensions mm mm
length 4170 4170
width 1676 1676
height 1420 1420
Track front / rear wheels mm 1410/1380 1410/1380
Ground clearance mm 165 165
Mass in running condition kg 1040 1040
Capacity kg 475 475
The luggage compartment, m 3 0,37 0,37
The payload, (including mass loaded with luggage on the roof), kg 425+50 425+50
Tank fuel litres. 43 43
Base engine 11183 Distributed fuel injection
8 valves

Distributed fuel injection
16 valves
Nr. kW / M. 59/5400 65,5/5000
Displacement engine cm 1596 1597
Torque, Nm / M. 120/2700 131/3700 
Max speed km / h 170 180
Time to disperse track / h, s 13,5 12
Fuel consumption, litres/100 km    
at 90 km / h 5,5 5,3
at 120 km / h 7,2 7,2
city cycle 9,8 9,9
The tires 175/70SR13 175/65HR14 185/60HR14 175/70SR13 175/65HR14 185/60HR14
The standards for toxicity EURO2, EURO2


Free and emotional LADA 112 version sports-style shows modern technology. Polished line, the classic form, attention to detail and the best options running gear emphasize dynamic machine. The 5-door advanced remains faithful representative of the family LADA 110-convenient, practical and reliable car, pulling elusive combination of spaciousness and the luggage compartment with partial or complet