Lada 111

Lada 2111 is a vehicle class B.
It has a wide range of bodies : saloon offers low volume assembly and coupe versions. Mass production models begin in 1996. One of the best-selling car in Russian market.
The first modification of LADA 111 packaged carburetors four cylinders 1,5-litre petrol engines. Currently available only eight or injection 16-valve modification to the engine of 1.6 litre capacity of 81 and 89 horsepower .The car designed in a manner that ensures reliable operation without any problems at intervals temperatures of -40 ° C to 45 ° C.
Impeccable front and rear suspension, combined with easy sliding steering mechanism and ventilated front brakes provide good governance and the accuracy of your team. All the vehicles managed to corner a tilt steering wheel .
The friendly, practical car is built for you to travel with your family. It is spacious, Lada 111 will present you true freedom, because it forms a much space for adults to children and, of course, for luggage! The "polite" and dynamic design hides reliable equipment. The Lada 111 easily change the situation.
Lada 2111 TechnicalSpecifications : Engine 1,6 8V Engine 1,6 l 16V
Dimensions mm mm
length 4285 4285
width 1676 1676
height 1460 1460
Track front / rear wheels mm 1410/1380 1410/1380
Ground clearance mm 165 165
Mass in running condition kg 1020 1040
Capacity kg 500 500
The luggage compartment, m 3 0,43/0,775 0,43/0,775
The payload, (including mass loaded with luggage on the roof), kg 450+50 450+50
Tank fuel litres. 43 43
Base engine 11183 Distributed fuel injection
8 valves

Distributed fuel injection
16 valves
Nr. kW / M. 57,2/5400 67.5/5600
Displacement engine cm 1596 1597
Torque, Nm / M. 120/2700 131/3700 
Max speed km / h 162 175
Time to disperse track / h, s 14 12,5
Fuel consumption, litres/100 km    
at 90 km / h 5,5 5,7
at 120 km / h 7,5 7,5
city cycle 8,8 8,8
The tires 175/70SR13 175/65HR14 185/60HR14 175/70SR13 175/65HR14 185/60HR14
The standards for toxicity EURO2, EURO2


LADA 111 is a wonderful vehicle for families, which gives a true sense of holiday driving. The powerful and expressive shape of LADA 111-smooth curves and sharp touches, combines strength and elegance, style and practicality. The spacious luggage racks, rails for mounting luggage on the roof, a reliable body for extended operation of all types of roads, as well as attractive and comfortable cabin,