LADA NIVA was set up to drive on the road, traveling to remote places, hunting trips and fishing. NIVA - 2121 had at the time, a very progressive design, combined with excellent off a comfortable car, and virtually unmatched at a time unique in providing a successful auto export to many countries . In 1994, NIVA 2121 has been replaced by the upgraded model "Taiga", which was assigned the index LADA 21213 . The emerging rear seat can accommodate and transport of goods. Connector door luggage on the level of sex for comfort loading and unloading. Another unique feature of this machine was the use of knots cars.

For families or companies to ride on the road, traveling to remote places, hunting trips and fishing. Features LADA 4x4-methods, a comfortable lounge car, a good road geometry, low weight, constant drive and a powerful engine, enabling fast overcoming obstacles. In 1979 LADA 4x4 entered the world top three cars. Unique a predetermined popularity Fabula SUV : the model has worked in all six continents Earth.

Its cockpit is complete and its comfortable cockpit. Back seats folding make of it a utility for your transport with a useful volume of 1150 dm3.Thus, its engine has been created from the 2106, gearbox and rear bridge also borrowed from the machine. Despite this, "NIVA" has a unique machine for a off-road . "Niva" car with off-road interruptible permanent all-wheel drive and handout with the decreasing number of boxes. Available AVTOVAZ car industry since 1977. The car has a very progressive design, combined with excellent off a comfortable car, and almost did not have the time counterparts. Successfully exported to many countries. The car is equipped with row DKW petrol, the export version equipped with diesel Peugeot. Update, which was assigned the model code "VAZ-21213", conducted in 1994. The car was fitted with bigger and 1.7 litres capacity of the new showroom and larger bumper to the third door .

LADA NIVA 4x4 has the following equipment of series:

- Seats before adjustable - Adjustable Head-rests in height - Folding back Bench
- Two-speed, intermittent and continuous Windscreen wiper
- Windscreen washer electric before and back
- Meter with daily adding machine
- Rev counter
- Witness of differential interlock
- Electronic Antidémarrage with coded transponder

Lada 4x4 meet European safety car in front - and side-impact, depending on the configuration equipped with a hydraulic steering system complies with the toxicity of "Euro-4".

LADA NIVA Design features :

• Standard engine 21214 with gasoline, 4 times, 4 cylinders on line
• Engine rating: 7 CV
• Cubic capacity: 1690 Cm3
• Maximum power: 81 CH with 5000 rpm
• Maximum couple: 12,75 (mdaN the EEC) to 4000 rpm
• System of liquid cooling
• Lighting: electronics, with static distribution
• Distribution: camshaft at the head
• Maximum speed: 137 km/h
• Mixed consumption: 10,5 l/100 km
• Gear box to 5 reports/ratios
• Weight: 1.210 kg
• Passable slope with full load: 58%
• Power-assisted steering



LADA NIVA TechnicalSpecifications :  
Dimensions mm
length 3740
width 1680
height 1640
Track front / rear wheels mm 2200
Ground clearance mm 220
Mass in running condition kg 1210
The luggage compartment, m 3 0,265
Tank fuel litres 42
The tyres 175/80-16 (85R), 185/75R16 (92Q), 175/80R16
The standards for toxicity Euro-2
Body type / number of doors minivan / 3 doors SUV
The power system distributed electronically controlled injection
Unleaded gasoline AI-95 (min)
manual 5 forward, 1 back
Transfer box mechanical, with the differential lock
Time acceleration to 100 km /h s 19
Front brakes disk
Rear brakes drum

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